Servicing and Warranty Returns PASLODE SPIT

Servicing and Warranty Returns

Knowing the difference

There is often confusion over terminology when it comes to a Tool Service, and a Tool Warranty return. 

Warranty Return

If your tool is within the warranty period and has been diagnosed by ITW CP Technical Support as having a fault, you must return it to the place of purchase, with proof of purchase. The tool will then be returned to us and dealt with appropriately, before being returned to your distributor. 


Service within Warranty

If your tool has fired circa ~50000 shots, there is a chance that the tool may need a service. This is a general maintenance service and would not be included in the warranty of the tool, regardless of whether or not it is within its warranty period. You can take your tool back to any of our authorised distributors to aid you with this. 


Service or Repair outside of Warranty

If your tool is outside of the warranty period and either requires a service, or there is a fault with the tool and needs repairing, you can take it to any of our authorised distributors. They will then either return it to us, or, if they are a authorised service centre for ITW CP, they may be able to service or repair it on site.

For either of these options there will be an associated cost which is dependent on the tool. 



For more information on this topic, please contact Customer Services via the email form on our Contact Us page, or call 0800 833 381