Prestigous European HQ pours concrete into productivity

Prestigous European HQ pours concrete into productivity

02-06-2017 Case studies
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Bloomberg’s new European headquarters is situated in Cannon street in the heart of London, close to the Bank of England and St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Bloomberg London comprises of two buildings covering an area of 102,000m2. Connected by glazed bridges across a retail arcade, the ten-storey building complements neighbouring structures and protects views of St Paul’s Cathedral.

The building has three public spaces, for which works of art have been commissioned, and the basement of the building has been integrated with the new Bank London Underground station.

A few statistics on this project

  •  The Atrium uses 15,500T of steel – twice the amount used in the Eiffel Tower.
  • Biggest single concrete pour in London - 2000 cubic meters.
  • Largest sandstone project undertaken in the UK in over 100 years.
  • 14,000 artifacts found, including the Roman Temple of Mithras, which is being reinstated close to its original configuration.

The project used SPIT PULSA 800P, 800E and the P370 powder actuated tool, for Drywall and M&E applications.

“Bloomberg is such a prestige project, the contractors worked with SPIT to introduce the PULSA system to make contractors time on-site more productive” said Anthony Coulson, M&E Key Account Manager from ITW Constructions Products. 

“It was great to be part of this project and contribute to the speed and ease of installation for the contractors.” The PULSA system is capable of over 1000 fixes per hour, compared to traditional drill and fix options, the benefits for productivity, fatigue, HAV and eliminating dust are clear to see” said Anthony.

For cable management and drywall application enquiries contact the SPIT Fixings UK team, Anthony Coulson (Mechanical and Electrical) or Paul O’Connor (Drywall), or the Customer Services team on 0800 833 381.

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