Here at ITW we are proud of our heritage and strong history of innovation. Some of our products have been key milestones for their respective markets, and we continually strive to invent and create for the future.

1912 – Illinois Tool Works is founded by financier Byron L. Smith and inventors Frank W Englund, Paul B Goddard and Oscar T. Hegg, opening for business in Chicago, Illinois, USA

1920 – Jack Gribbie develops ‘Customer Application Engineering’, which enabled the company to invent thousands of new products over the years, and is the basis for our customer backed innovation still today.

1935 – Paslode is founded in the US by JW Leslie as a leader and innovator of nailing systems: PAcking, Shipping, LOading Devices.

1951 – SPIT is founded in Valence, France, inventing a unique system for firing hardened steel nails, now known as PAT.

1950s – The Hi-Cone beverage can carrier is developed, one of ITW’s most successful inventions.

1963 – ITW Introduces the first self-drilling screw opening a new market for the company in the construction industry.

1973 – ITW becomes a publically traded company and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

1986 – ITW launches the world’s first cordless gas powered framing nailer.

1994 – Paslode launches the Positive Placement Nailing system, redefining metal building connector installation.

2000 – The Pulsa tool range evolves into a diversified offering of specialized products for plumber, electricians and dry liners.

2012 – ITW celebrates 100 years of success.

2013 – Paslode launches a range of Lithium powered gas tools, including the IM360Ci (IM90i); the first nailer to have a temperature intelligent fuel injection system.


Innovation is at the heart of ITW’s core values and through the strength and drive of its people will continue to bring customers inventive market leading solutions.